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OK collectors of the special and rare... this one is for YOU. We made 50 lathe cut vinyl 45s in transparent blue, featuring The Smiles and Frowns tune "The Memory Man" on side A, and the previously unreleased 8-bit "chiptune" version of "The Memory Man" on side B. These are the original unmastered mixes done by the band, before we took it to be mastered for the original album release. We are releasing this to coincide with the video we made for "The Memory Man", which took an entire year for us to make, editing and filming nearly every day for 10+ hours a day. We touched every single frame of that video, and there are many hidden secrets and secret meanings, nods to our own personal past, and viewers have been given a kaleidoscope of "Where's Waldo" clues and moments within the video to decipher for years to come. Some too sacred to be said aloud. All hidden in plain sight.

This, we did for you, the audience who deserves an artist's most sincere attempt at the timeless glory that art can be.

Only 50 in existence.

Now, a word on lathe cut/hand cut vinyl... these are certainly not audiophile grade records like you would normally get from a store etc. The volume is a bit lower and each one has its own quirks, as to be expected with lathe cuts. But, this is what makes it real, this is what makes it "us". We feel it is best to let buyers know ahead of time, in case they have never owned a lathe cut record before.