Akoustik Anarkhy

A record label and live music club promotion based in Manchester, England. They are our friends, and our label representation away from home. They are conducting the official UK release of The Smiles and Frowns album in late August 2010.

Damien Youth

“I truly believe that anyone who gives a sincere and honest shit about art, music, or songwriting talent would be doing themselves a massive favor by giving Damien Youth a close listen. He has written a countless number of sleeper hits and lo-fi pop masterpieces.” – Christopher James

Square Magazine

A magazine from Cardiff, featuring modern poetry, art, and the deep thoughts of a brilliantly mad, Mr. Nick Fisk. An interesting scene and a very entertaining read.

The Waiting Room

A new music & talk radio show, co-hosted by one half of Drunk Country & The Woman of the House + random guests. A great source of new music…highly recommended!

Great Pop Supplement

An indie label run from home in London. Putting out predominantly self distributed small run releases on (all sizes of) vinyl…including our Mechanical Songs 7″ single

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Beaulieu Porch

This psych-pop band will charm your ears with their spaced out psychedelic sci-fi bedroom pop. They have a single out on our mini-label “The Peppermint Hill”

The Peppermint Hill

A mini-label started by The Smiles and Frowns with the intention of releasing recordings that we believe should be heard...

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Shane, a long time friend of The Smiles and Frowns, has harvested a world of delightful madness that he calls “Silverladder”. A lot of interesting things dwell in the cracks of his website…

Oliver Hibert

A winged gentleman with an eyeball head sitting upon a tongue, lizard ladies resting nude in a strawberry patch, a hindu goddess butterfly with severed limbs and a keyhole belly button, rainbow shooting nipples, and green maidens tongue kissing mushroom snakes are only a small bit of what you will find when you visit the brilliantly mad world of Oliver Hibert! Super! Cool!